Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Silent D i s a s t e r

Just last Thursday, there was a disaster in Petaling Jaya.
It was the collapse of Jaya Supermarket Section 14.
Involving 9 workers and only 2 survived from the incident.
This collapse has a really low chance of survival
because the building is empty nothing but concrete ceilings
to concrete floors.
The 2 survivors were lucky to be alive because they were at
the side of the construction area.

Half of the building collapsed at around 4.45pm.

I was involved in the Voluntary Aid Detachment so i gave a helping
hand to this unexpected incident. The members and I were on
stand-by mode, ready to help any casualties but sadly,
7/9 of the victims were all dead. Not only that we were
giving our first-aid treatments to our brave rescue teams on site.
The bodies found were not really in complete shape but some
they actually found parts of them. Come to think of it i felt really
sad for the victims.
So I hope in the future, the management of any company
should have a proper demolition plan before demolition of a
building. Thank goodness, this time it didn't injured any passerby
and the houses. Really thankful to the Police, SMART, IKRAM, PPUM,
BOMBA, RELA for their endless support.
Our team has been on duty since Thursday itself. Trying our best
to help just about anything.
Our team.


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Random: Blue Skies in The City

This is a random post.
these past few weeks, as my dad was sending me
back from college to home. I felt amazed and
weirdly happy as i look into the big, blue sky of PJ.
That week was quite a hot week i suppose.. didn't really
rained much or even at all.
when i looked at the clouds and the sky,
i felt calm and all my stress just faded away
like no one's business is true though.
It is like a moment of Peace that i got from all
the assignments and matters going on in college
and life.
Look into these pictures if it could help you relieve your stress~
If it couldn't, then just admire Mother Nature~

For the first time ever, i would like to praise my camera phone
here.. Sony Ericsson W710i. :)
Pictures i took while i was in a moving car!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Unforgettable Redang

At last... i finally found the time and effort
to actually update my blog. Time passes really fast.
it's been like a month already since my vacation
to Redang with my pals. Loved it to bits.
1 of my most unforgettable vacation ever!

This was my first time going on a vacay with so
many friends.. It was fun and nvr tiring at all.
those happiness made me forget what fatigue
is all about.

We barely got to sleep in the 6hrs drive in the bus
though it is comfy inside because of the never
ending conversations everywhere LOL
felt sorry for other passengers that wanted to have
a good night rest ahah

So after the long wait, we went for breakfast
Thank Goodness...FOOD!!!
ahhaha after that...
we went on the speed boat to Redang Island!
not forgetting some camwhoring sessions!

We were kinda of the engine of the speed
boat was broken so...our journey to the island
took us around 1hr plus.. really bored on the boat..
so i slept LOL..

Alright...finally..we reached our luggages..
waited for the room keys...and YES....we got our rooms!
what we did was FIRST, on the aircond to full fan speed
then.. settle the luggages and set where you wanna sleep
strip the shirt and
never ever missed the sun screen part..
really important since our ozone layer is not even thin...
it has holes on it already~!!!

well we went for lunch first though...haha
then the swimming pool..sports..chats..relaxation!

Thanks to our camera man!! Mr.Garrick
for this wonderful shot of me hahah...
isn't this amazing? :)

By night .. we went to the set of the
"Summer Holiday" movie played by Sammie Cheng
and Richie Ren..


Well I really wished that we could spend 1 more nihgt there..
cause all we did seriously were just more!!
the funny part here was the beach soccer game we had..
we have audiences lol...
not sure they were there to watch us play like noobies or
like pros hahaha..well i think as noobies hehe
it is not easy to play on sand though..the sand is so soft.
everytime we ran, we gasp for air even more...
darn it we played like noobies haha.

We also did snorkling. The sea water is really salty..
to an extend it was bitter...
the sea water was really clear but i know
somewhere out there, there would be a clearer one.
really fun lol...seeing leo with no swimming skills,
ky and his camera wrapped up with plastic bag,
nikki jumping off the jetty into the sea continuosly
ahhaha..such great moments!

beautiful sunset!

haha...the More More Tea Gang!

i really love this picture a lot..
it made me feel like nothing is impossible!
1-with garrick's photographing skills.
2- how the squirrel actually climb down.

well to really relax myslef i would tan myself for a while
to get a nice colour tone for myself.

This trip has everything...from fun to laughters and now this
FREE SHOW hheheh...
these 2 experts showing off 1 of the technique
they learned form Who Knows Where!haha
this was really a free show cause it was at the public

Fishes at the marine park..
so many of them...i was bitten by them too ahah
on one of my fingers which they thought it was food lol.

Baby shark weeee~~!!
so adorable haha...

Cam whoring session with the Canon cam garrick
rented for the underwater picture taking.
well not bad taking picture off the water though ahha.. leats they are still alive!!
SAVE the CORALS~~~!!!
they are indeed dieing slowly...
dont step on them!!

This little monkey is owned by a guy on that island..
i think he will be training him how to climb on one
of the coconut trees one day ehhe..

This should be on the National Geographic pic album!
Great pic garrick!

haha...poor JP!
at first we dug a hole for our B-day boy Garrick that day..
ended up...they push the lightest person in which is JP
how's the taste of the sand ?hehe...

OK back to business...Garick it's your turn!!heheheheh
please dont fight back, we have more than 10 pple trying to
bury your just leave the job to us..
and enjoy your Sand Spa hehe...

hmm...wayne..shaping garrick's private part LOL...

OK group pic!

looked like we were form the Baywatch hahaha
and hui at the back trying to be like Halle Berry in the
movie James Bond~~FAILED hahahah


Our man of the trip with all these nicely taken pictures!!
Mr. Garrick hope to see you soon!

Cute little sister of philbert!hehe
welcome to the group!

Tried our best!

Yup that wold be Ken being thrown up high...and *splash*
into the sea hahaha..
well they didnt managed to threw him at all actually...
they lifted his legs up instead LOL...


Random shot of ryan acting cool~

Cam whoring time between the
journey to another island



This was such a wonderful trip!!!
cant wait to have another one with you guys again!
i know we will..
the sad part here is that Ivan will be staying in KT since he is not
continueing his Higher Dip..
will miss you de dont worry!!hehe..

credits to hui, garrick, ky, reagan, lin for these wonderful pictures!